Basic Pantry Essentials- Stock up for a Quick Cook-up

Have you experienced making a special dinner for a surprise guest and find out your pantry is almost empty? You rummage through your refrigerator and discover the same, just a handful of mismatch ingredients not enough to cook up an impressive meal. No choice but to call take-out. Now you realize the importance of checking your kitchen closet regularly and keeping, at least, the basic pantry essentials filled.

Pantry Checklist

  • Salt is the all-time necessity in any cooking. Many beliefs sum up salt’s purpose; to give flavor.
  • Garlic is by far the most important spice to keep in the pantry. Not only it helps lower bad cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, a natural antibiotic for wounds and inflammations; it also gives your dishes that distinct taste. Ginger is another spice you must have in stock. This spice is good for removing the fishy smell on anything seafood. Ginger is a good warming herb to drive the colds away.
  • Onion is an essential spice that makes any dish stands out. This spice has a strong smell and taste when used raw. Slice a medium-size onion and mix in soy sauce and chili; it’s a great dchillir fried fish or for barbecue marinade.
  • Peppercorn has a pungent smell and is a popular spice in many parts of Asia. Chicken and pork marinades are never without this spice.
  • Powdered Black Pepper is used for almost any kinds of dishes; from eggs to fried rice and anything in between.
  • Bay leaves make your chicken and pork marinades smell sweet and aromatic.
  • Evaporated milk for making creamy eggs, white sauces and instant desserts.          
  • Oils: Olive oil and coconut oil are healthier choices if you do a lot of frying. Vegetable oils are not really from vegetables but from different seeds and extracted by heating or roasting. Avoid using processed oils such as canola oil and peanut oil.
  • Vinegar: Always keep a bottle of white vinegar for salad vinaigrette and coconut vinegar for raw fish dishes.
  • Tomato Ketchup is considered one of the basic necessities in any kitchen pantry. Kids love this condiment so much that they even eat it with just rice or bread.
  • Cornstarch for thickening sauces is a must. You can make different kinds of delicious soup with it.
  • Broth cube is the short cut solution to warm soup cravings. If you don’t have the time to make a stock, use hot water and a cube of instant broth. It comes in chicken, pork, beef and fish flavor.                                                                                                                                                      Not included in this list are the foodstuffs you need to have in your refrigerator. You can’t impress with a good meal without the ingredients from your pantry and your fridge. Make sure you get your pantry essentials right down to the bottom of your checklist and you’ll never have to worry about having surprise guests again.


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