How to Make your Own Bonbons Au Lait using Milk Powder

Bonbons au lait is a French delicacy that has travelled around the world in different versions. Nobody who has a sweet tooth can resist this treat. The rich creamy taste of full cream milk powder and sweetened milk is too much of a temptation.

This sweet is very easy to make, no fuss, no baking or any elaborate preparation. If you have an enterprising mind, you can even turn this into a profitable business. Many successful entrepreneurs started their businesses at home. With patience, perseverance, and ingenuity they have made the little hobby a multi-million enterprise.

Now, let’s start our preparation in making the Bonbons. Below are the things we need for 40-50 pieces of milk candy.


2 ½ cups full cream milk powder
1 can 200 ml sweetened milk (condensed milk)
Granulated white sugar for coating
Powdered Oreo cookies, peanuts or any nuts (optional)
Parchment paper for rolling
Water cellophane for wrapping (different colors)
Mixing bowl and rubber spatula


1. Mix the milk powder and condensed milk together in a bowl. Add in powdered nuts for more flavors. You can also use crushed Oreo cookies to make Cookies n’ Cream. Make sure no dry ingredient is left. The mixture must be soft but firm.
2. Using a spoon or a melon ball scoop, roll the shape in sugar to prevent sticking together.
3. Use molds to make attractive shapes.
4. Wrap individually in parchment paper and use the water cellophane for the outer wrapper.

Let your creative juices flow, the range of flavors and color variations you can make is endless. Bonbons au Lait is a special milk candy you can make as a gift for any occasion.

Milk candies using Milko Full Cream Milk Powder yield great-tasting sweets. For more information, you may send e-mail to Delta Food Industries FZC.