Is Sachet Packaging Cheaper and More Convenient than the Bottle?

When we buy our groceries we think that we can save more if we buy the bigger sizes. A bigger container means longer use and lesser trips to the store. This reason may be true to a certain extent, but the crux is: you don’t have enough money to buy the big one. A 120ml bottle of shampoo is equivalent to 15 pieces of 8ml sachet packaging that you can use for 30 showers.

Your subconscious mind will tell you that you have more than enough when you see the big bottle in your bathroom; and more often than not, one dollop sometimes becomes a generous dollop and you wonder where all that shampoo went.

A smaller size is economical

No one can argue with this. Cheaper in the sense that it is affordable and you can buy it in retail stores. If you use tomato ketchup in large quantities for cooking in restaurants or catering services, it is cheaper to buy in cans or PET Jar, but it is cheaper to use the 9g sachet on the tables.

Sachets packaging cost less to produce than tin cans and plastic or glass jars. Translated into profitability, the overhead expense is lower, the markup is lesser; hence, retail price is cheaper.

A smaller size is convenient

Consumers like the smaller size because it is more convenient to store in the pantry or carry in a lunch box or fast food takeaway. It is more economical to buy the sachet version of a new product than buying the bottle size and find out it is not as good as advertised. You won’t regret throwing away a sample sachet if you don’t like it.

Low to middle-income earners find sachets attractive because they can purchase their needed condiments or toiletries in smaller quantities. Sachet packaging is convenient when travelling, don’t take a lot of your storage space and are easy to dispose of.

Product packaging has indeed become innovative and continuously evolves in order to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the consumers. Future packaging competition will be on how to revolutionize the sachet to make it more attractive to the end-users.

Delta Food Industries FZC is now producing tomato paste and tomato ketchup in sachets. For more information about this product packaging, you may send an e-mail here.