Revolutionary method that might help you save the tomato paste and be penny-wise.

Tomato Paste waste ? Time for rescue.


TP-Pouch 70g

When was the last time you saw an empty tomato paste can or an empty tomato paste jar?

As an avid fan of culture dishes, it’s no secret that I have the habit of digging into the tiny details of ingredients put into to make such an appetizing dishes. And dig it is, I found one ingredient that stands out yet hasn’t got the recognition it Deserve-Tomato Paste-. Rich with lycopene and Vitamin C, Tomato Paste is a convenient prime in the pantry. However, since it was never swilled wholly unless you’re making a festive dish for the conurbation, there will always be a left-over. Shameful, I know until guiltily rest it in the trash bin. What a waste but worry no more, I got your back in this.

Time to rescue your tomato paste. Perhaps there is a lot of methods in shuffling your tomato paste but here is a better way. Manisha-a vlogger at Indian Food Rocks-, her method is to freeze the tomato paste in separate blobs, which is much easier to use later than defrosting whole solid can of tomato paste as it will take time. Yet I make a different method too using Manisha’s idea.

® First, prepare your pan and line it with wax paper then use a tablespoon to scope a dollop of tomato paste and line it up in a pan or rectangular container.

® Second, freeze your dollops until solid.

® Lastly, place your frozen dollops in a container for long term freezer storage.

The convenient thing about this method is I have full control of the dollop I set and will not have any waste tomato paste. It will last longer and it will save me a penny. Much more, I will not go through the hard part of opening and measuring the part I’m going to use instead of just 2 to 3 dollop is enough for my dish. Isn’t that amazing?

Pack with vitamins and nutrients for some healthy servings, tomato paste is one of the main ingredients in some of the major cuisines around the world. That’s why Delta Food brings you the TOMATO PASTE that is not only packed with the needed vitamins but also with a prime taste that makes Delta Food products sui generis from others.

Tomato paste waste? Waste no more with this revolutionary method that might help you save and be penny-wise.


By: Meeroh