Delta Food Industries

5 Reasons Why 2017 Was a Productive Year for Delta Food Industries

Delta Food Industries (DFI) has come a long way from a courageous startup barely eight years ago into a multi-million-dollar food processing company located in Sharjah Free Zone, UAE. Delta Food started with just three second-hand filling machines processing the first batch of tomato paste in 70g pouch going to Somalia and Iraq in 2011. Less than a decade later, the company started by Shiraz Osman and Dr Ali Parpinchi flourished exponentially and is now a leading player in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Over the years, Delta Food Industries maintained its core values of nurturing long-term relationships with its loyal customers. Delta incessantly seeks to improve its services not only to its clientele in particular but also to the society in general.

Delta Food Industries considers 2017 as the most productive fiscal year for the whole organization. Achieving highly tangible growth in terms of infrastructure, Delta’s export market base and financial stability also grew. To sum up these positive developments, DFI enumerates five major accomplishments under its sleeves.

  1. Successful Backward Integration. In order to manage the growing demand for packaging materials and shorten the production time by half, DFI decided to do backward integration by going into can production, initially for DFI’s canning requirements. This ambitious project is the brainchild of DFI’s CEO, Mr Sharad Anand. The new can factory solved Delta Food’s long-existing problem with premium quality tin cans for its tomato and dairy products. The cannery targeted production of 30 to 40 million 2pc and 3pc cans per month on a regular basis, a goal that was easily reached with the addition of new sizes for tomato paste and tomato ketchup.
  2. New SKUs. Another project that came to fruition was the PET bottle production line that expanded DFI’s range of SKUs for Tomato Ketchup. The machinery was commissioned in August and the filling machines were installed two months later. The production line is now in full operation, producing 370g and 570g Tomato Ketchup in upside down squeeze PET and straight PET bottle.
  3. Expanding Market Range. DFI successfully opened new markets in Bahrain, West Africa and East Africa. These countries have such a huge demand for tomato paste, evaporated milk, and instant full cream milk powder and DFI can fulfil the requirement easily.
  4. Approval of the additional 500 Work Visa by the SAIF Zone Authority. The Immigration Authority in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone approved 500 new working visas for foreign workers. The approval was an indication of the government’s confidence in DFI’s capability to manage a huge workforce.
  5. A string of Excellence Awards. Prestigious recognition and note-worthy citations were awarded to DFI for the phenomenal success of the company. Chairman Shiraz Osman is constantly in the limelight as his name became synonymous with excellence and prestige. Being the face of an excellent company, Mr Shiraz embodies all that is Delta Food- strong, dependable, and trustworthy.

For Delta Food Industries FZC, 2018 signifies new vistas to explore and conquer. The company is now in a stronger position to take on more challenges. With all the directors working in sync to ensure that the company runs seamlessly, nothing can stop its onward path.