70g can

Delta Food Industries FZC Launched New 70g Can Feature

The 0g can with the necking feature was introduced by Delta Food Industries FZC (DFI) during the Innovation Week exhibit under the auspices of the Department of Economic Development in Deira, Dubai. The can is used for tomato paste and comes with normal and easy-open ends.

The can’s unique feature allows easy stacking in shelves and cartons. Delta Food is the only company in the United Arab Emirates making this type of cans. The innovation came about to address the high cost of packing and freight for deliveries outside the UAE.

With the new 0g can feature, the bottom design is to fit snugly into the top of another can. This stacking capability increases loading capacity in a shipping container. The “necking” reduces height by 3mm per layer.

DFI’s CEO Sharad Anand took a calculated risk when he commissioned a machine manufacturer that will make the smallest can with a deep neck depression. The initial production of the 52 x 39 diameter 3pc-can was successful with minimal setbacks.

Being in the UAE and competing with China was a great challenge for Delta. The only option was to cut the cost of packing and freight. This option led to the innovative idea of a necked 0g can. Necking helps to cut cost on the bottom end, increases loading capacity in a shipping container as stacking can reduce height by 3mm per layer and have better stability on the rack.” Mr Sharad said.

Mr Sharad is confident that this new can feature will be as cost-effective as his two other designs that were already patented.

Traditionally, cutting and welding of smaller cans are done in big body formats which result in a lot of wastage after scoring and parting.

The new machine can make about 30 million cans per month and is already producing the 0g can tomato paste for the local and international market.