Beat the Summer Heat with Mixed Fresh Fruits and Cream

You don’t have to check your thermometer to know that summer has arrived; the scorching heat at 9 am is enough to tell you to take cover and re-hydrate. We all know that water is the best rehydration drink but you can be creative and add more zest to your thirst-quencher with some fresh fruits in season; don’t forget to add cream for good measure.

Fresh Fruits to Go

Any kinds of fruit are best eaten fresh and by itself but as a dessert, you have to choose which kind would taste good together. Pineapple and berries provide the tangy taste you love in a zesty drink or a creamy fruit salad. Add a squirt of lemon for a little acidic flavour that is sure to wake you up if you are feeling drowsy in the middle of the day.

Fruits that Go Well Together

For fruit salad: pineapple chunks, ripe papaya cubes, shredded young coconut, cherries, sweet mango chunks, peaches, pear, avocado, banana, grapes, and nata de coco (that semi-transparent gel made from fermented coconut water).

For smoothie or slushy: watermelon, green or ripe mango, avocado, orange, pomegranate, strawberry, wild berries, kiwi, grapefruit, sugar cane, water chestnuts, banana.

For creamed fruits: strawberry is a popular seasonal fruit to be eaten with cream, followed by raspberry and blackberry.

Counting Calories  

If you are trying to reduce weight for health reasons, DON’T forget that the fruit itself can have more carbohydrates in the form of Fructose ( the sugar found in fruits and broken down by the liver).  If you consume canned fruits, the caloric amount is higher than in fresh fruits due to the syrup that makes it very sweet.

A regular-sized bowl of mixed fresh fruit (with all or some of the fruits mentioned above) can have approximately 80 calories or a total of about 20 gm of carbohydrates. Don’t forget the cream and or the sweetened milk.

Mind your Portions

Don’t be daunted by the information above. Don’t deprive yourself of enjoying your favourite creamed fruit just because fructose is bad for your health. Too much consumption is what makes it bad; you just have to moderate your intake. Minimize your portions and the frequency and don’t give into midnight eating binges. Eating a balanced diet complemented with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can give you a stress-free existence.

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