Delta Food Industries FZC Gearing up to Conquer World Market

Delta Food Industries FZC, the leading manufacturer of high-quality food and beverage products in the UAE is slated to participate in different food exhibitions overseas. The participation is part of the aggressive marketing campaign launched by Delta Food to step up its presence in the competitive global market.

Delta Food Industries FZC joined the Gulfood 2016 exhibition in February and the Food Africa Cairo in May; both events have given the company huge leverage when it comes to exposure and lead generation.

The successful promotional campaigns were set in motion by the dynamic team headed by the charismatic Founder and Chairman of Delta Food, Mr Shiraz Osman and his powerhouse of directors, namely, Mr Ali Parpinchi, Managing Director, and COO; Mr Hozefa Ibrahim Bilaspurwala, Finance Director; and Mr Sharad Anand, CEO. Members of this team are highly successful entrepreneurs in their own right.

Delta Food Industries FZC is considered a neophyte company with barely 5 years of operation yet its phenomenal success in the food manufacturing industry have tilted the balance in its favour. Consumers are looking for new brands with competitive retail price and world-class taste. With the vast market in Africa, Asia and the rest of the world, Delta Food is going places!