Uses of Cornstarch- From the Kitchen and Beyond

When we talk about the uses of cornstarch, what comes to mind immediately is the thick sauce or the gooey glue that kids use in school art projects. Do you know that aside from being a common household component, this fine white powder has various uses other than being a cooking ingredient? Let’s enumerate them.

Industrial Uses of Cornstarch

  • This versatile powder is also a cleaning agent. It can remove oil stains from carpets and leather. Apply powder on oil stains and leave overnight. Brush the stain in the morning
  • It is a natural deodorizer and moisture-absorbing powder. Prevents mildew from ruining books and old documents in storage
  • You can use cornstarch as fabric stiffener. Just mix with water and spray on the fabric you are going to iron
  • Clean silverware with cornstarch mixed with water. Let the paste harden and rub the surface clean
  • Remove ink stain on clothes. Mix with milk and let dry. Brush the powder and wash normally
  • Remove wax in wood furniture by applying the powder and buffing until wax disappears
  • Clean glass windows, doors and tabletops with cornstarch and water solution. Rinse off with water afterwards
  • Make an organic pesticide by mixing cornstarch and plaster of Paris. It kills cockroaches effectively
  • The starch used as a base for fast-absorbent polymers in water management facilities

Medical Uses of Cornstarch

  • Having moisture absorbent properties, the powder is a good and inexpensive cure for Athlete’s Foot. Apply on feet after shower before putting on fresh socks
  • Relieves rashes caused by prickly heat. Apply directly to the skin to ease itchiness
  • Relieves sunburn and stops painful skin peeling
  • The starch used in wound dressing and bandages
  • Relieves skin itchiness caused by Shingles
  • Treats baby’s diaper rash
  • Help treat gastric dumping syndrome in children
  • Make a burn patch by mixing equal amounts of cornstarch and baking soda in warm water and wet a gauze or cheesecloth in the solution; apply directly on the burnt area and leave for about 30 minutes

Beauty Care Product

  • Apply thinly on the face before wearing makeup. The powder absorbs oil and keeps the makeup stay longer
  • Removes excess oil from the scalp and relieves itchiness. Apply directly to scalp and brush off after 5 minutes
  • Mix with fragrant essence and apply thinly on underarms. The powder absorbs sweat at keep armpits dry and scented
  • A mixture of 1-tablespoon glycerin, ¼-teaspoon rum and cornstarch powder is a natural facial scrub that is effective in removing dead skin
  • Starch is a safe alternative to cancer-causing talcum baby powder

Pure cornstarch is very low in saturated fat but is rich in carbohydrates. It takes some time to digest this type of starch and is therefore not suitable for diabetics.

Pure cornstarch is manufactured by Delta Food Industries FZC, one of the leading food and beverage manufacturers in the UAE. For more information about the product, you may send your e-mail here.