Delta Food Industries FZC- Milestones on EME Outlook Pages

Europe and MiddleEast Outlook Publishing featured the success story of Delta Food Industries FZC with CEO Shiraz Osman at the helm. The 7-pages spread tackled Delta’s remarkable rise from a mere tomato paste producing company four years ago up to the present multi-line production facility.

At present, Delta Food Industries FZC boasts of several production lines for tomato paste, tomato ketchup, hot sauce, milk powder, oats, and cornstarch. Another production line will soon open by yearend to process evaporated milk and sterilized cream. With the recent development in terms of infrastructure and machinery, Delta is able to fulfill the increasing demands of its customers.

The progressive collaboration of its partners, Rafi International FZC and Ronald Chisholm Ltd of Toronto, Canada enabled Delta Food to increase its presence in the lucrative market of Africa and the GCC. With an increasing range of high-quality products to offer the market and Rafi International’s global network, the company is steering towards a better and stronger position in the food and beverage industry.

Delta Food’s USP gives the company leverage in terms of market share and availability. Our customers who opt for private labels have better options and chances to participate in the vast market of processed food as new players.