Delta Food Industries FZC Year-ender

Delta Food Industries FZC closed the pages of 2015 with the traditional year-end party at the factory’s premises on New Year’s Eve. As in the previous years, Delta Food honoured the loyal and hard-working employees with a certificate and cash gift. Mr Ali Parpinchi, Managing Director and Mr Hozefa Ibrahim, Finance Director awarded Mr Prem Kumar the Best Employee of the Year certificate.

Mr Ali Parpinchi presented the like award to other fifty-eight employees who have taken part in Delta’s rise in the food and beverage manufacturing sector.

A dance number and a magic trick were performed by Filipino workers and a song rendered by the daughter of Mr Lukose Koshy, Delta’s Senior Sales Coordinator.

The annual event showcased Delta’s commitment to delivering the “goods” to its customers and providing a labour-friendly workplace for its employees. Recognizing the significant value of Delta’s workforce in the total operation of the factories, Mr Ali expressed his gratitude to everybody and reiterated his familial sentiments that extend to the rank and file.

Mr Ali and Mr.Hozefa gave their fearless forecast for 2016 and beyond in terms of production value and multiple expansion programs that will bring in more revenues for the company and generate more work.The new Dairy Production Line is now about completed and will be operational by February. The Dairy Line will produce Evaporated Milk and Sterilized Cream. Delta is now ready to fulfil orders that were booked for the third quarter of last year.

Delta Food Industries FZC is projected to secure a wider share on the global food and beverage market in the next five years. For more details regarding our progress, reach us here.