Delta Food Industries FZC Celebrate Christmas 2015


Christmas 2015 was a merry day for Filipino expats working at Delta Food Industries FZC at the annual event that was a part of the company’s four-year tradition.

Held at the sprawling Al Mamzar Beach Park on December 25,  Delta Food’s Filipino employees and family attended the outdoor party.

Delta’s Tradition

The event was celebrated with fun games and traditional Filipino food, bringing a little bit of home to the wintry vista of the famous park. As in the previous years, the company supported its employees’ traditional celebrations, bringing together the different nationalities that have made Delta Food a dynamically united organization.

Delta Food Industries FZC is known for its multi-racial labour force that is tailor-made to suit the company’s multi-level production system. It’s working directorate keeps Delta Food running efficiently despite the racial differences of its workers.

Award-winning Company

Delta Food Industries FZC is one of the fast-rising food and beverage manufacturing companies in the U.A.E. based in the Sharjah emirate. The young company garnered several awards and commendations from the different government agencies and private award-giving bodies for its high-quality food products.

Topping the list is Delta Royale Tomato Paste that captured a very lucrative market in Africa and the Gulf-Controlled Countries. Followed closely by Delta Royale Evaporated Milk and Sterilized Cream, both products are now being manufactured with private labels and exported to several countries.

Delta Food’s upcoming Evaporated Milk and Sterilized Cream products will beef up the company’s Dairy Production Line which will be operational in the first quarter of 2016.

Delta Food’s Vision

In just four short years, Delta Food Industries FZC has come a long way. The next five years will see an even bigger and stronger food and beverage manufacturing company playing in the global market arena. Be a part of our journey to success, visit us now.