Full Cream Milk vs Skim Milk: An Objective Comparison

If you are fit and do not have any serious health condition, drinking full cream milk or skim milk is no issue at all. It is best to do some research before you head off to the grocery. Many people cannot tolerate lactose. Some people feel bloated and nauseated; others suffer hyper-acidity and even diarrhoea. Lactose intolerance is a common digestive problem; our system rejects the nutrient simply because our body loses the essential digestive enzyme called lactase as we grow up. There is nothing wrong with the milk as long as it is fresh and hygienically prepared.

So, what is the best choice? Let us talk about the pros and cons:

Full Cream Milk


  • Full cream milk is richer in nutrients than the unfortified skim milk
  •   Whole milk provides about 30% of your recommended daily Calcium intake
  •   Early researchers state that full cream milk promotes normal ovulation and boosts fertility in women
  •   Help develop the muscle and bone tissues in children


  •   If you have the genetic propensity to develop hypertension, it is best to stay away from whole milk because it is high in saturated fat
  •   Easy lifestyle and high consumption of fatty acids and whole fat milk can considerably increase your chances of having cardiovascular diseases

Skimmed Milk   


  •   If you are on a weight-loss program, the low-fat skim milk is good for you
  •   Senior citizens are prone to osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases, drinking two or three glasses of skim milk daily may decrease the risk of bone fractures due to bone softening and a coronary heart ailment


  •   When the cream is removed from whole fat milk by skimming, vital nutrients such as Vitamin A and D are lost
  •   Preparation may not be safe and sanitary; bacteria and other contaminants may taint the product during processing
  •   Skimmed milk tastes bland and thin

In the end, your taste will dictate your preference. Enjoy the creamy goodness of full cream milk without worrying about its consequences. Learn how to control your food consumption; eat healthily and mind your portions.

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