The Benefits of Drinking Full Cream Milk

Full cream milk is a highly nutritious food that provides the essential nutrients needed by the body for healthy development. This creamy fluid produced by the mammary glands of mammals is consumed by over six billion people all over the world.

Mothers are encouraged to nurse their babies right after birth; this practice stimulates the mammary glands to produce antibodies called colostrum that the baby needs to combat early diseases.

As the child grows up, full cream milk consumption lessens and diet replaced with solid foods. Although we get the essential nutrients from other food sources, most of the vitamins and mineral are lost during preparation. Over-the-counter supplemental vitamins may help replenish the deficiency.

Our body needs calcium to make our bones and teeth healthy and strong but as we grow older we lose the lactase in our system that is necessary to digest lactose, we experience lactose intolerance manifested by stomach upset and loose bowel movement. In order for our digestive system to process calcium, our body needs vitamin D which we can also get from dairy products. Two to three glasses of milk a day provides our daily minimum dietary requirement.

A 100ml glass of full cream milk has approximately 4.7g carbohydrate, 3.9g fat and about 3.3g protein, a total of 66.9kcal. If you are calorie-counting and worrying about your weight, you don’t have to give up enjoying this creamy goodness, just drink moderately.

High-quality full cream milk is manufactured by Delta Food Industries FZC in UAE with brands such as Delta Royale and Delta Milko. For more details about this product, you may send an email here.