Gulfood 25th Edition is Delta Foods Innovation

Rethinking Food was Gulfood 20’s 25th edition of bringing a series of accomplishments and visions to help the global F&B community in making knowledgeable business verdicts. As it kicks off, the new platform was introduced, promotes trade and commerce and introduces new prospects for the business.

As F&B Professionals around the world gather so is Delta Food, exhibiting and unearthing business opportunities from leading companies and visitors. With 5 days to its name, gulfood give its all in every sector of beverages, dairy, fats and oils, health, wellness, and free-from products, pulses/grains/cereals, meat and poultry, and world food. Keeping up with the emerging trends, Delta Food lives up to its name of providing a new range of high-quality food products including its investments in the field of manufacturing and exporting cans.

“Gulfood Stature helps us attract new investors and clients from around the world, and form partnership that enhance the distribution of the company’s products in foreign markets,” by Mr. Sharad Anand.

As growing consumer preference for healthy food products expand, Delta Food introduces first on its list- healthy and nature friendly products that’s not only beneficial but also needed by our body. Part of Delta Foods strategy to tap into expanding food industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is engaging its consumer in innovation and healthy conscious mindset. With that said, Delta Foods assure our consumers that they get the health benefits linked from our products.