How to Lose Excess Weight in 5 Simple Ways

Losing excess weight is no easy task mainly because there are so many diet programs that confuse rather than help. Genes also play a very important role in one’s weight. If your parents are heavyweights, you are likely to become one too.

Obesity is becoming a global concern and you have to start taking care of yourself before you end up in health statistics. Follow these five simple weight loss hacks and you will never wear plus size clothes again.

  1. Water up 

Water cleanses the body of the waste product of metabolism. Drink at least two glasses of lukewarm water before breakfast to wash off excess gastric juices. Drink one full glass before every meal. Water neutralizes these acids thereby lessening the hunger pangs. Water helps clean the blood, hydrates the skin and cleanses the bladder. Make it a daily habit and your kidneys will thank you for it.

  1. Mind your portions

A hearty meal is not a healthy one. Eating in restaurants or in buffet parties often make us lose control and scoop large helpings. It is important to keep food servings small to give the stomach a chance to digest the food properly. Too much oily food causes indigestion.

Meat consumption should not be over 3 ounces or about the size of your palm. Keep your rice to half a cup and whole wheat bread to one slice. See serving size charts for reference.

  1. Chew and not gobble 

 Chew the food properly, especially meats. Swallowing without chewing may cause choking. It causes the stomach to pump up more gastric acid to process it, causing indigestion and loss of essential vitamins and minerals.

  1. Take healthy in-between-meals snacks

Taking three huge meals a day is not the way to lose weight. Letting yourself go hungry before a meal increases appetite during mealtimes. Take small bites in between to satisfy that hunger call. An apple is a good snack, so are baby carrot sticks and a sugar-free oatmeal cookie. Two or three celery stalks should be enough to get you through the next meal.

  1. Walk it off

Walking is a non-strenuous activity that is both enjoyable and healthy. It is a known fact that walking improves balance and coordination, strengthens bones and ligaments, burns calories, manages diabetes and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Keep moving and don’t lie down right after eating. Walking after dinner helps you sleep better. Losing excess weight should be a pleasurable experience and not a stressful undertaking.

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