New Innovative Packaging from Delta Food Industries Can Factory Now in Production

Delta Food Industries has released the new innovative packaging designs for the Delta Royale Tomato Paste and Delta Royale Tomato Ketchup.

The popular Delta Royale Tomato Ketchup now comes in 340g and 550g Squeezable PET bottle. This bottle is environment-friendly and fully recyclable. This bottle is the answer to the consumer demand for a more convenient easy-to-pour container. Some people find pouring ketchup from a glass bottle a struggle.

The new 70g can design for Delta Royale Tomato Paste has a unique feature called “necking”. The cans can be stacked on top of each other with the bottom lid fitting snugly on the neck of the other can. This non-slip rim was designed with the end user’s convenience in mind. Only Delta Food is making this type of can in the UAE.

Delta Food Industries can factory sits in a 5,000 square meters property inside the SAIF Zone. This unit is the first can manufacturing facility of Anand Tin Containers in the UAE. The production line has an initial capacity of 4 million recyclable PET bottles per month.

Delta Food is continuously working to develop better products for the best customer experience. With the integration of the can manufacturing unit with the production facilities, Delta Food Industries is able to cut back the cost and the waiting period of deliverables.