Delta Food’s New Can Factory Running in Full Gear

Early last year, Delta Food revealed the ambitious multi-million US dollars can factory project which was slated to operate by November 2016. Now, two months before its first anniversary, the can line proved to be the smartest investment Delta has ever undertaken.

The making of the can factory was a solution to one of the perennial problems nagging every manufacturing company; that of the timely delivery of packaging materials outsourced from third party suppliers. To cut the customer’s waiting period from production to delivery of finished goods, the directors considered it best to do backward integration by bringing the can packaging practically to the doorstep of the production line.

Can Production Lines

The can factory started with a state-of-the-art coil-cutting machine and tandem coating production lines which are two coater machines in one, and the oven. The coater machines are the first of its kind in the UAE.

High-speed lines of body-making machines, end-making, and 2-pc can machine are complemented with equally speedy printers that can produce an average of 30 million cans per month.

Distinct Quality Achieved

Striving to achieve product excellence, Delta Food can factory heightened its quality and process standards by incorporating the following systems:

  • Inline Film Weight Detection System for Coating
  • Auto registration for printing on scrolled and rectangular sheets
  • Inline Leak Testers
  • Multi-Camera Vision Inspection System

Products and Services

The can factory boasts of the following products and services:

  • Coil Cutting
  • Internal and External Coating
  • Metal Printing
  • Printing Plate Making
  • Can Forming for 2pc or 3pc
  • Easy Open Ends

Future Trends

Delta Food Can Factory foresee increased production before the end of the year. More lines are added to boost the growing portfolio of can sizes as per required by its customers. The 2pc and 3pc can design are patented which ensures production continuity. With staunch adherence to quality standards, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.