70g can tomato paste

3 Major Reasons Why Homemakers Choose to Buy 70g Can Tomato Paste

The economy is bad, millions are poor, prices are sky-high, food scarce- the list is endless, but the reality is still the same. Some of us can afford to buy so much and some cannot. Some can also afford to buy but choose not to. For people who love to cook dishes with tomato paste or sauces and would only need a small amount, they can buy the 0g can tomato paste and end wasting the left-overs.

When we go to the store to buy our groceries we tend to think about the number of times we have to go back to buy the same ingredient. We buy the big sizes because we think we can save more money and time. What we forget to consider is how much do we throw away when we cannot finish the product before it gets spoiled.

However, times are a-changing. Homemakers are becoming penny-wiser and learning to stretch grocery money by buying smarter.

Here are 3 reasons why they are buying smaller sizes:

  1. Cheaper price over the counter. If money is tight and you want to cook a tomato-based dish for just a few people, one 0g can of tomato paste can do the job. If you want to make another dish in another time, you just open a fresh can. No waste.
  2. Easy storage. Cans like the 70g tomato paste have special “neck” grove that can fit into another can snugly. It is stackable and can maximize space in your pantry. No worries of cans toppling over when you open your kitchen cabinet.
  3. Value for your money. A 0g can of tomato paste is filled to the brim with the exact amount of paste. No deceiving empty airspace.

So much goodness in such a small can and budget-conscious homemakers are hoarding these mini sizes for the coming holidays. The 0g can tomato paste packs the same healthy anti-oxidant Lycopene that may lower the risk of prostate cancer and prevent cardiovascular diseases.