tomato ketchup 9g sachet

Tomato Ketchup 9g Sachet Now Set for Production

Delta Food Industries FZC, one of the leading food and beverage manufacturers in the UAE announced today that the popular Delta Royale Tomato Ketchup 9g sachet is now ready for mass production.

The smaller size is packed with the same tangy goodness that the 340ml glass bottle and the 5kg PET Jar have. The new packaging is the fulfilment of the market’s demand for a more convenient size. This easy-squeeze is indispensable in restaurants and catering services for its economical serving portion, handy to carry in picnics and take-outs.

The new size (tomato ketchup 9g sachet) comes in boxes of 1000 pcs and 500 pcs. The sachet can be customized for private brands (white label) at a very minimal cost. The 9g sachet production line can produce a minimum of 60,000 cartons per month.

Orders for the GCC, MENA and UK markets are now being processed to address the increased requirement in the coming holiday season. A spike in tomato ketchup consumption is expected during the peak of the holidays with people having more time for home cooking and outdoor activities such as cookouts and picnics.

For more information about this product, you may send an e-mail here. Delta Royale Tomato Ketchup is manufactured by one of the leading food and beverage manufacturers in the UAE today.