How Trade Shows Help Delta Food Industries Grow

Delta Food Industries knows the importance of trade shows. It helped shape the image of the organization in the eyes of the international business network. The opportunities for growth and success are limitless and the return of investment is manifold.

Trade exhibitions are all about the organization. It is about the company’s robustness, it’s the capability to project a picture of success, thus, integrity and strength. These factors are what impress the visitors when they visit the shows. On the other hand, these events are more than just a venue for a “show of force”. Delta Food uses these activities for the following:


Trade shows are part of a good marketing strategy to build brand awareness. Delta Food believes that a stand design that connects well with the displayed products and the company’s image garners positive impression and attracts more visitors. An impressive platform boosts the exhibitors’ morale and creates an aura of success. Creative graphics and themes help visual retention and brand identity.


Exhibitions provide opportunities for sales and marketing professionals to bond and network. International shows like Gulfood is one giant venue for this activity. Industry practitioners (salesmen, marketers, suppliers, buyers) interact to make connections, gather information and establish rapport.


Delta Food uses this kind of activities to gather relevant information for its own R&D. Trade shows are a rich source of data for market research.

Lead Generation

Thousands of visitors that come to trade shows can generate good leads. Any degree of interest shown by a visitor is a potential customer. Some visitors do not interact with salespeople at the stand but would rather exchange visiting cards and initiate contact after the exhibition. With over a hundred businesses on display, it is typical for a busy buyer to just skim the displays, collect business cards, and take mental notes.

Sales Closing

In most cases, Delta Food is able to close sales at the exhibition venue itself. New customers often take advantage of the best prices offered during the show. There were also instances of collaborative efforts forged at the negotiation tables at the site. Sales closing and orders taken during the exhibition bring a sense of accomplishment and a quick return of investment for the company.

Given the significant returns that trade shows offer, Delta Food will continue to manifest its growth by showcasing its products. The opportunity of a B2B and B2C interactions within a single show and the marketing mileage garnered by the company is already an accomplishment.